WF 101 III


WF 101 B with previous generations that issued of this device, which ranked No. 1 among the long range groundwater detection systems over the passage of 11 years from 2008 until 2019, And now it is coming back to you again WF 101 III with professional version (third generation) to keep the rank device No. 1 in the world’s between advanced  detection and search systems and unchallenged.

WF 101 III with advanced search and detection systems to extreme, the new professional version works on detection and smart operating systems (Smart Technology), provides the user a quick control in the search settings and general settings of the device.

This device supported to work with our private operating system (Bear Claw)

“Bear Claw “is modern operating system with easy and integrated smart interface to adjust the device settings and programs, within TFT cool screen display and sophisticated software.

The WF-101 III (3th generation) works with multi-functional systems of detection, High-level of technology to search and confirm of groundwater location with confidence.

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  • Detection systems
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  • WF 101 III has great capabilities, great features and functions make it the first confidence device, to begin successful exploration operations.
  • Specialized device in the search and detection of groundwater and determine its value.
  • Great unmatched accuracy in specify and detection groundwater and confirmation the target existence 100% without any errors.
  • Great speed to provide the results to the user with an integrated and comprehensive data about the target and the point centre.
  • Wireless headphones are working on (Wireless) can be controlling through the device settings.
  • Bluetooth technology to communicate with units that require conduction with device through Bluetooth.
  • TFT color screen 3.2-inch HD, gives the user the clear vision by night and day.
  • Multi-languages.
  • Device locking system, the user can be set password for the device, so cannot anyone run the device the owner only, and will be done through pin code interface.
  • For the first time globally in the detection and exploration devices exclusively at MWF Group, The device supported with smart operating and detection systems, Smart interfaces, Power conservation system, Smart charging system, Multilanguage and remember device language, Save settings, Smart control, Bluetooth technology and factory reset, all this and more through operating system (Bear Claw).
  • Internal signal filtering systems, to avoid any confusion resulting from any high ranges frequencies like radio waves are present in the air or other.
  • Automatic Tuning System (ATS) Special invention and new, registered in favor of MWF GROUP, this system provides accurate results and certain in all types of soils and terrain, because the system recognizes the soil automatically, grants the search process automatic tuning commensurate with the type of soil and properties of soil , With the abolition of any overlaps radiation resulting by the rocky and mountainous territory effect , which may affect a lot of other detectors, but the this smart system, can sorting and analysis and provide the necessary levels which relates of frequency signal, voltage and wavelength of the signal which gives results free of any errors.
  • Control the level of screen brightness feature, which gives you adequate lighting for day or night, and to reduce the level of lighting to save energy as well.
  • Five levels of sound give you adequate control of sound output and signals sounds of search results, as well as vibrator mode, or silent mode and sufficiency by visual results.
  • The device support with digital clock, with time settings interface.
  • Battery and charging smart feature, which gives the user accurate tracking of battery level and notices about battery level and alerts before the entry into force of power, with smart charging systems that give the user also follow up the battery charge when the device ON or OFF, and to find out the level of charging which added, all in real time.
  • High quality and accurately performance, manufacturing this product by best elastomers, electronic components and circuits with international standards.
  • The ergonomic design and streamlined shape gives you the power to search and navigate with lightweight and ease of use, which play a big role in quick and uncomplicated results.
  • Easy to work and to use anyone can use it.
  • Supported this device with simply control panel, works with buttons interface, enables the user to be controlling and setting the device to search easily, the control panel consists of the following:
    • ON/OFF button
    • Screen Brightness control button, (external quick abbreviated)
    • Volume adjust button (external quick abbreviated)
    • Back button
    • Joystick, gives you a quick move in the device settings and functions, consisting of 4 buttons to move up, down, left and right.
    • OK button
    • Tracking and target focus button

Detection systems supported by the device:

1- Advanced - Long Range Locator system:
  • Many new technologies added to our long-range locator system, exclusive technology is unprecedented, this system works to detects and locate groundwater from far distance, it directs the user and his leadership to the water location directly.
  • Embedded system for sensing and detection, where the device can detect the targets through heading towards to target and is accompanied by acoustic alarm indicator towards the target accurately.
  • Automatic smart guidance system, to locate the path and direction of the target, through a special graphics interface, where this system gives the user automatically identify and vision about the direction and location of the target.
  • Smart control interface to adjust the levels, search capabilities, and the type of target you want to search for, too.
  • A list of water targets, which gives the user the ability to pre-select the type of groundwater to search for: natural water - mineral water - salty water - and all types of water.
  • Interface of accurate setting for search parameters, Multilevel to pre-control levels of depth and distance of the search:
  • Depth up to 800 meters with a control property in the signal level of the searching depths, through depths options list, and starting from 0 up to the selected depth: 50m – 100m – 200m – 300m – 400m – 500m – 600m – 700m – 800m.
  • Distance search up to 2500m, with a control property in the level of front broadcast wave, through distance options list and starting from 0 up to the selected distance: 100m – 250m – 500m – 750m – 1000m – 1250m – 1500m – 2000m – 2500m.
  • The guided laser function is can be switched on or off from the system interface.
  • Equipped with built-broadcast device works on two systems, signal filter system to confirm the groundwater site & find out the density, and ground transmitter system to strengthen of the signal in the mountainous and rocky areas.
2- Geophysical Survey System:
  • This system works on measuring the intensity of the soil electrical resistance and to identify groundwater found underground and identification, and its mission to detect and exploration of groundwater, with the feature to check the water type, depth and density.
  • Special display interface of this system gives the user an integrated information about the search process and search steps are automatically.
  • This system scans and detect the soil automatically and shows complete results about the discovered targets directly on the screen.
  • Feature of automatic help messages, which appear on the screen for the user to alerting on a particular command or guidance to execute a specific command.
  • The system works by two electro-rods scanning only, allowing to work in this system with ease and comfortable.
  • Feature of determine the water depth and accurately, through a special system to identify and measure the depth of discovered target.
  • Advanced Search and identification techniques, working on functions smart detection, which works on the smart systems of detection and analysis for the target location.
  • Multiplier check scanning system and at the immediate time for the location, which gives the user, gives credible and proven results.
  • Accurate discrimination between the target's types, and to clarify the target, type, size and name in the screen directly.
  • Smart verification system of connecting the electrodes in the soil and by wire or non-connected and clarified it on the screen through the alerts messages.

Search system:

  1. Advanced- Long Range Water Locator System
  2. Geophysical system

Search principle:

  1. Digital Frequency Signal Processing (DFSP) / To Receiving Electrostatic Fields of the water.
  2. Automatic geophysical system for measuring the electrical resistance of the soil and analysing it with Vertical Electrical Sounding technology.

Operating processor:


Operating Search frequency:

  1. From 9 kHz to 11 kHz
  2. Measuring the intensity of electrical resistance Ohm


3.7V Li-ion 1600 mAh

Power consumption:

Maximum of consumption 200 mA

Battery life:

6 Work hours


5.1-volt 3 amp / Charging Time 2 hours

Display Type:

TFT Color Monitor‎ 3.2" , 65536 Color, 48Mhz , CDMA GPU

Specialized to detects:

  1. 1. Natural water - mineral water - salt water - and all types of water
  2. All water type and distinguishing between it, (the result of the water type appears automatically) on the system interface.

Groundwater Discrimination:


Water type Selection System:

  1. Yes, can choose the type of water before start search from the list of targets
  2. Automatically detects and shows target id

Depth Search:

800 m

Distance Search:

2500 m

Results feedback:

  1. Through orientation toward water location accompanied by sound + graphical and vibration alerts.
  2. Automatic results about the target, type, id, depth on the screen.





Automatic smart guidance system:

Yes, by graphical interface to locate the path and direction of the target, and Acoustic commands

Voice alerts:


Vibrating alert:


Operating temperature:

From -15° C to 60° C

Storage temperature:

From -15° C to 40° C


It can be stored and work in the degree rate of air humidity of level 90%.


Compound: 1.5 kg - disjointed in the bag: 3 kg


18.9x10.4x5.8 cm

Bag dimensions:

40x33x17 cm

Parts & Accessories:
  • The main unit of the device (Setting & Control Unit).
  • Transceiver antenna (For LRL system).
  • Ground Reinforcement Unit (For LRL System).
  • Grip (Handle).
  • Geophysical Search System Unit.
  • 2 Electro-rods (Probes) For Geophysical search system.
  • 2 of Connection wires (For Geophysical search system).
  • Device Plastic Case (Anti-shock).
  • Sound Unit + Headphones (Sound Kit)
  • Electric Charger.
  • 3-Year Warranty Card.
  • User’s Guide.
  • Tutorial DVD.
Main Unit
Transceiver antennas
Transceiver antennas
Geophysical unit
Sound unit
Connection wires
To read or download the book, click here