Yes, 3 years warranty on all products inside and outside Turkey

Yes, all devices have guaranteed to work effectively

Shipping and delivery available to all countries

We Provide the customer with User Manual and CD Education in English, Arabic, Turkish

Yes, on condition proved that in video there is target and devices can’t work efficiency

Yes, there is outside test with extra cost

Yes, our work days from Monday until Friday 9:00 till 19:00 on Saturday from 9:00 till 15:00

All our device is easy to used and carry and it’s easy to handle by anyone because it is uncomplicated

Yes, we guarantee the arrival of the device, and the safety of arrival will be our responsibility, if you receive product with any problems, we will take responsibility for this

Yes, there is technical services for all products, In case of any damages

You must communicate with us directly to send the device for maintenance, it will be maintained and sent to you within a maximum of one week, or contact our official distributor in your country.

Yes. it discovers all the quantities and sizes

Yes, you can choose the target you want to search for, also choose the depth and distance

High pressure areas may affect the accuracy of the results and data

No, our detectors have Automatic Tuning System (ATS), this system provides accurate results and certain in all types of soils.

Devices have Internal signal filtering systems, to avoid any confusion resulting from any high ranges frequency of radio waves are present in the air, which affect at many other devices.

The device goes to the nearest and largest target

devices can work for long hours, its different from device to other

MWF have many distributors over the world, you can take look in the STORE LOCATOR section ( Be Distributor )

There are many methods for payment:

– bank transfer payment

– Payment by credit card

– direct payment in our main location in Istanbul or in

our official distributors in all over the world

– Choose the device you want to buy and click Add to Cart

– Go to the cart box at the top of the screen and choose checkout

–  Click on the checkout (you can complete the process by registering on the site or without registration)

–  You will see several fields. Fill all the fields with your own information and then go to the next step

–  You will see two options to complete purchase process the first option is Direct Bank Transfer the second option is Payment by Credit Card, Choose the method you want to buy and then click on the box   I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions then move to the last step to confirm the request

–  If you choose payment by credit card, you will see in the screen 4 boxes, first the card holder name, second card number, Third Card Expiration Date, fourth Security Code, fill it all and then click on the next step

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