MWF Group Of Factories and  Companies, specialized in the Manufacturing and Trading of Metal detectors, Treasures, Gold and groundwater, MWF is an American and Turkish company, headquartered in the United States in Illinois, and in Turkey in Istanbul, Founded in 2008. MWF Group works on the improvement and continuous development of Detectors equipment’s, Since years ago we manufacture these detectors on scientific grounds is true and accurate and we are keen to offer our products with very carefully. MWF Group always strives to provide the best level of technology of underground Metal, Gold detectors, whatever their depths and sizes, Through our knowledge of all types of exploration science and geology, and through our overall knowledge, research and experience over many years that were covered by the confidence of our customers, And the vast experience gained through our experiences.

Our Story

In 2019

MWF Group has opened its new production and development branch in the European continent in Germany to produce new and advanced sets of systems and detectors, through German engineers responsible for this production line and development.


in 2018

Our modern equipment’s Has achieved a wide spread an all over the world and has made great achievements in most of our exploration operations conducted by our customers around the world, – Spark, has achieved great success with our customers in locating gold treasure and has been widely recognized for its impressive results in locating gold nuggets in Africa, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, – Aqua, the world’s No. 1 device, has been named the preferred device of many farmers and prospectors for groundwater, with great success in many countries. – Gold Radar is one of our most popular devices, which has achieved tangible results in finding many treasures hidden in the Arab countries and Western & Eastern of Europe.


in 2016

After four years of research, from 2012 to 2016, the company produced new and advanced sets of metal and groundwater detectors, which operate on intelligent detection systems to locate targets in the ground. This was a remarkable success for us, These devices have been the result of extensive research and development that has been introduced and conducted for many previous devices as well as new technologies that have never been before. This production and development included several devices: Spark – Aqua – Gold Line – Gold Radar – MF-1200 Active – MF-1500 SMART – MF-9700 QUINRAY – WF-202 PRO+ .


in 2014


in 2013

Polls by customers buyers for our devices, where we have to take the opinions of more than 1,600 user devices so as to know the results of our devices and its accuracy and effectiveness, where the ratio was 87% of the customers fully satisfied with the work of the devices and their effectiveness and accuracy in determining the goals and points and depths , And a percentage of the remaining 13% had some suggestions and modifications to the devices to maximize the accuracy of the results and the ease of use and work for hours more work. Where he was in this year 2013 also witnessed significant developments of our products in terms of accessories, software, and greater quality and performance and high efficiency, the development has been on most devices.


in 2011


in 2009


in 2008


in 2006


    MWF Group follow basic continuous development of all detectors types, and after a lot of operations polls with a lot of customers, so that our customers get the best results, apply these updates also on devices sold to customers.


    The technology used in our detectors machines are considered unique detection technology systems of its kind, and excellence in their results and performance, our detectors supported by best advanced electronic processors and software, in addition to the speed of response and targets analysis .


    Metal and groundwater detection devices on the market have multiplied in a very large, differ from each other in terms of work and brands, names and industries systems, but All that glitters is not gold , our devices maintained on creativity and fine results over 10 years all over the world ,It will also remain .


    MWF has achieved many successes, to provide the best services and facilities to customers, in addition to the successes achieved by our devices in many countries, in determining many treasures locations, and to identify many ground water wells.